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ToTheTin is on hold–for the moment at least

If Ron Artest can win an NBA Title, then we can find time to maintain ToTheTin.

Our 15-20 faithful readers have noticed that posts have come to a complete halt in the last two weeks.  That’s because we’ve been busy.  I am currently beginning my tenure as a featured columnist for Bleacher Report.  This new endeavor has taken up most of my time in recent weeks, but as I become more comfortable in my new role, I intend to maintain ToTheTin.

In the meantime, you can read my articles on BleacherReport.com

When ToTheTin returns, it will have a different look.  We intend to continue to focus on basketball, but also to cultivate our coverage of all major sports.  The page layout will undergo a transformation and the content will be more focused.

Goodbye, farewell, and we’ll see you when the cows come home.