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This is Ron Artest’s game-winning layup

Ahh, the joys of Ron Ron.  Artest had an awful game, took a bad 3-pointer late in the game to help leave the door open for the Suns, but his second basket of the night lifted the Lakers to within one win of the NBA Finals.

Jason Richardson got caught watching the ball in the air and stopped playing.  He said after the game that he thought the ball would hit the rim, but that’s no excuse for not putting a body on somebody.


This is Shannon Brown frozen in mid-air

One of the most impressive missed dunks you will ever see.

Shannon Brown brought the house down with his missed dunk in the second half of the Lakers rout over the Suns. We’ll post the video in a bit, but in the meantime just marvel at how damn high off the ground Brown got…I can’t believe it.

Postgame reaction coming soon.

This is Tony Allen’s alley-oop

Tony Allen has been amazing in the playoffs and is off to a good start Sunday. The Magic look like they haven’t played a game in months. Is it just me, or does Jameer Nelson look like he has gained a few pounds since Orlando closed out Atlanta? Too much Carl’s Jr. is never a good thing.

This is Bill Self’s disco magic

Unlike some of his colleagues, Bill Self doesn’t usually crave the spotlight. But coach Self let loose last week in a video promoting his charity event, Bill’s Basketball Boogie, which will be held in Kansas City on June 11.

Self’s performance gets the nod over Bruce Pearl’s attempt at rapping–oh boy.

This is Tony Allen dunking on Antawn Jamison

Jamison is just horrible defensively–just ask Tony Allen.

Allen did a terrific job bothering LeBron throughout the series and provided a much-needed jolt of athleticism and quickness off the bench for the C’s.

Postgame reaction still to come.

Musical motivation for LeBron James

LeBron appeared to lack motivation in Game 5. That should change tonight, but maybe LeBron needs a spark. Behold the magic of YouTube.

LeBron and DeShawn Stevenson had a brief feud during at heated First Round series three years ago, which began after LeBron mocked Stevenson, saying “I’m Jay-Z. He’s Soulja Boy.” Stevenson flew Soulja Boy in for a game and gave him courtside seats. Then, Jay-Z supplied this song to a D.C. nightclub where the Wizards often hung out, and LeBron just happened to be in attendance while the song was played.

Here is Stu Scott and his lazy eye with a further explanation followed by Jay-Z’s DeShawn diss:

Who was going to back DeShawn, besides Soulja Boy, who at the time was a 170 lb. teenager with no talent? Enter D.C. area rapper Pro’V, who fired back:

“Little LeBron gotta run to his pops, like, ‘daddy, kid was makin’ fun of the Roc!’ What’s next, he gonna get a diss tape from his mom, or Beyonce gonna sing a track for LeBron?”

And now for something completely different.

Here is a feel good tribute to LeBron by some dude, a remix of M.I.A’s Paper Planes:

The best part is the snapping at the end of the video. So awesome.

Get ready for what should be a terrific Game 6.

This is Drew Rosenhaus karate chopping bricks

Drew Rosenhaus is one weird dude. His latest stunt: chopping six concrete blocks in half with his bare hands. Oh, and the concrete blocks happened to be on fire. Check out the shaky, grainy video below:

Rosenhaus performed the exercise to honor a former karate teacher who was murdered in Miami two years ago. Because there has been speculation that the blocks were already at least partially broken, Rosenhaus will re-create the stunt Sunday night on a Miami news program.

In case you’re wondering, Rosenhaus is a fourth-degree black belt who began learning martial arts 30 years ago.

Who knew?